Code of Conduct

General Rules

  1. Multi-clanning is not allowed for other star wars units. Being part of non star wars units is permitted.
  2. You may not recruit for a different clan/community within our clan. This is strictly prohibited.
  3. You must always wear your correct tags on all of our platforms (Website, Arma, Discord, Teamspeak)


  1. "Regular" members are required to maintain a 50% attendance on our 4 operations per month.
  2. "Reserve" members have no mandatory attendance.


  1. You must always act mature during all events and meet the discipline standards set.
  2. Always be friendly and show respect to your fellow Legion members, we're not just a Legion but also a community of friends.
  3. You must behave and act accordingly in the community. Honour your fellow members by showing them respect.
  4. Harassment and abuse is not tolerated in any form. Speak to a member of the staff as soon as possible if you are experiencing this or someone else is.


  1. All enlisted members (Recruit to Lance Corporal) may be addressed with either Rank and name or just their name.
  2. All Non-Commissioned Officers (Corporal to Staff Sergeant) must be addressed with rank and name. For example "Sergeant X".
  3. All Commissioned Officers (Ensign to Colonel) must be addressed with "Sir". So "Yes, sir!" or "Colonel X, sir."


  1. Always follow the orders of a CO or NCO without question and carry them out as quickly as possible.
  2. You must not interrupt a CO or NCO when they're giving orders.
  3. A chain of command is in effect during all operattions. If the commanding officer dies, the second highest-in-rank officer or non – commissioned officer will take over.
  4. Enlisted members cannot give each other orders. For example, as a Private you cannot give orders to a Recruit.


Would you like to know more?

Feel free to join us on our Discord and if you're very eager you can already send your enlistment in through our Google Form. Once you've done so make sure to keep an eye on your Discord DMs as that is our recruiters main method of contacting you once they've looked it over.

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Have any questions or looking for further information?

Join our Discord and feel free to @recruiter in our newcomer chat
You can also find more information in our #faq channel.

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  • You must be 16 years of age.
  • You must own Arma 3.
  • A strong understanding of and the ability to communicate in English.
  • Teamspeak 3 and Discord are both required for communication.
  • Discord will be our primary method of contacting you about your enlistment, so please join our server.
  • We do not allow multi-clanning in other Arma 3 Star Wars units. Any other unit or clan is permitted.