The Imperial Black Legion or IBL is the premier Galactic Empire unit of the ArmA 3 Star Wars community. Founded on July 23rd 2018 we set out on our mission to establish a disciplined, organized and respected community. Our clan was built on the backing of a strong and competent staff and our leadership has over 10 years of clan leading experience. Beneath the surface of a structured in-game atmosphere we boast a heavily bonded community. We believe that sole focus on the in-game aspect only gets you so far whereas a strong community creates limitless possibilities. Therefor on the off hours of events our members enjoy a lively community with whom they can game/socialize with.


1st Platoon, LIGHTNING

The Purge Trooper is a specialized class of Imperial Soldier that was trained in hunting down and killing Jedi throughout the galaxy. With the number of Jedi in the galaxy declining, the Emperor has seen fit to attach a Platoon of Purge Troopers to the Imperial Black Legion to aid with its operations. With access to the various DC-15 rifle variants, they can engage from multiple ranges, and provide an adaptive role on the battlefield. However, beneath their adaptability lies their original expertise, ready to be used whenever the need arises…

- LT. Rayuk, 1st Platoon Leader

2nd Platoon, THUNDER

The Shoretroopers are one of the most versatile specialist troopers in the Empire’s Stormtroopers. Known from their homebase of Scarif, their design and specialties are tailored towards coastal and tropical defence. With the Legian requiring their service, their specialisation comes into good use when hunting down rebels. Their Armor is designed with the coast in mind, with fast underwater movement allowing them to move deep into enemy lines and their trusty E-22 Blaster rifle that packs a serious punch.

- ENS. Isaak, 2nd Platoon Leader

3rd Platoon, BOLT

Specialised in capital defence whether it be the Emperors home world of Naboo or key ISB strongholds, the Nova Troopers represent a solid backbone to Imperial Special forces, made up of the absolute elite of the vast Stormtrooper Corps and created with the express intention of acting as the Emperors personal sledgehammer. The handpicked troopers of the Imperial Black legion Nova Troopers have been awarded enhanced operational freedom by the Emperor and thus are able to relocate at will and bring overwhelming firepower to bear wherever the enemy may be.

- LT. Rusti, 3rd Platoon Leader

4th Platoon, FLASH

Imperial Supercommandos are those warriors who chose to remain true to the proud heritage of Mand'alor the Great and, under the rightful and legitimate leadership of clan Saxon, serve the Empire as elite infantry. The Commandos seconded to the service of the Imperial Black Legion bring their skills as highly mobile, airborne infantry to execute daring attacks on enemy positions. Equipped with the finest arms and armour that the Forges of Mandalore and the Arsenals of the Empire can provide, there are few foes that have not yet learned to fear the distinctive retort of their Galaar blaster rifles.

- LT. Titus, 4th Platoon Leader

Support Elements

Imperial Security Bureau, TYPHOON

"The Imperial Security Bureau team attached to the IBL in order to assist with gathering intelligence on Rebel activity as well as making plans for operations. The personnel of the ISB are there full-time and do not usually partake in any field activities unless necessary."

- LT. Squirrel, Typhoon Officer

Mission Makers & Zeus Team
Imperial Navy Flight Crew, HURRICANE

"The elite flight crews of the Imperial Black Legion are responsible for all manner of supporting tasks, including close air support, transport, reconnaissance and more. They make use of a wide variety of combat and logistic starships to provide the best support to Legion troopers as possible. Each pilot is highly skilled, rigorously trained, and fiercely loyal to the Legion."

- PK-601 'Harry', Hurricane Squadron Leader

Imperial Scout Troopers, SPECTRE

"First in, last out, the IBL's Scouts disperse in small teams to probe ahead; past, through and behind Rebel lines, revealing their dispositions. Fast on foot, faster on speeder bikes, they travel light, outgunned at all but the longest range - where they use the DLT-19X sniper to protect the infantry from distant threats."

- SK-801 'Arctic', Spectre Squad Leader

Imperial Armoured Corps, AVALANCHE

"The Crewman of Avalanche are the armoured fist of the Imperial Black Legion who strike fear into the Empire’s enemies with their Firehawke Heavy Repulsor Tanks and Imperial Troop Transports. Deploying troops straight into the heat of battle, Avalanche ensures the Legion’s infantry are at the forefront of every engagment and kept well supplied and supported with heavy blaster fire when necessary"

- LT. Tavi, Avalanche Squadron Officer

Imperial Army Mech. Inf., AVALANCHE

"The Imperial Black Legion's Army Troopers are the mechanised infantry section of Avalanche and play a vital role in providing close infantry support to the Legion's tanks as they push through the battlefield. Deploying from Imperial Troop Transports, the Army Troopers swiftly follow through breakpoints created in the enemie's lines whilst also fortifying territory to ensure the logistics routes of the Legion remain secure."

- LT. Tavi, Avalanche Squadron Officer

Mechanized Infantry


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